Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Beer 22 - Dorset Brewing Company, Weymouth Wheat Beer, Silent Knight

Today’s ale is from a brewer, which I haven’t tried before, Dorset Brewing Company. Silent Knight is a fairly strong wheat beer which is described as being big, bold, dark but undercut with all the hall marks of wheat. This beer came courtesy of the Dorset Brewing Company.
Dorset Brewing Company, Weymouth Wheat Beer, Silent Knight
ABV: 5.9%

Looks : This ale pours well with medium carbonation.
It is chest nut brown in colour with a one finger white head that disperses very quickly.
 very quickly.

Aroma : There is a caramel aroma with hints of brown sugar. A black treacle aroma sweetens the nose. There is also a fruity port smell.

Flavour : Firstly this beer is very sweet with a sherry and port taste to it. It is quite fruity but what definitely stands out is the stewed raisin taste. I can also detect a ripened fig flavour and its very yeasty. This beer is also very thin.

Finish : The finish is wet and raisin sweet with a slight bitter twinge, licking the back of the throat.

Rating : 7.5 out of 10


Not a bad wheat beer. I do love the high ABV, as I think it is what makes this beer stand out. For wheat beer lovers, this is definitely one to try. This beer can be bought directly from the brewery http://www.dbcales.com/