Friday, 23 March 2012

Beer 18 - Dark Star Brewing Company, Espresso

I remember trying this ale at Reading Beer and Cider Festival a couple of years ago and I am really looking forward to reviewing the bottle version today. This ale was sent to me courtesy of Dark Star Brewing Company. It is described as being a rich beer using fresh ground Arabuca coffee beans.

Dark Star Brewing Company, Espresso
ABV : 4.2%

Looks : Black in colour with good carbonation with a one finger, tightly packed bubbled, light creamy brown head.

Aroma : This ale has a very strong espresso coffee smell as to be expected from the name. There is definitely is a pungent roasted malt aroma with a hint of grassy hops.

Flavour : At first there is a sweet hoppy taste, which is then followed sharply with a dry espresso bitter taste. There seems to be a hint of blackberry sweetness tingling the palate as it rolls of the tongue.

Finish : The finish is dry and bitter with a nice but not over powering espresso taste.

Rating : 8 out of 10.

This is a very good ale for people who love coffee and can appreciate deep rich flavours. It has a wonderful dry bitter finish, which is just craving another gulp. You can purchase this beer in most morrisons supermarkets.


  1. Come on man!

    What's with the blurry shots and the beer in another brewery's glass?

    I think your reviews are good but I think your glassware should be brewery-agnostic.

  2. I agree with the Baron. Pictures need to be in focus if you're reviewing them. Only use branded glasses if it's from the brewer you're reviewing. Companies spend a lot of cash on product identity so they can't be too happy seeing a bottle of their beer reviewed in someone else's branded glass.

  3. Hey all, I take on board what you are saying and from now on i will change the glass. I have changed the picture as this is the clearest image i have. Cheers

  4. Good stuff, are you able to pick out the finer points of the beer in a pint pot? I always use an ALLBEER glass as it's the perfect beer tasting glass:

  5. Cheers Mate, Much appreciated and i please feel free to keep commenting. I hope you like the reviews

    1. Cheers Mate, Much appreciated and please feel free to keep commenting. I hope you like the reviews