Monday, 26 March 2012

Beer 21 - Robinsons Brewery, Limited Edition, Build a Rocket Boys, created by Elbow

Tonight’s Ale is a very special one. It’s a collaboration ale with Robinsons Brewery and the band Elbow. This ale came to me courtesy of Robinsons Brewery.

Robinsons Brewery, Limited Edition – Build a Rocket Boys, created by Elbow
ABV : 4.0%

Looks : This ale pours well with medium carbonation. It is a deep golden clear colour with a one finger, small bubbled grayish white head.

Aroma : Sweet caramel and roasted malts hits the nose, followed by a fruit aroma, possibly fig or gooseberry.

Flavour : Oh, what a rich flavour, with bursts of dark sweet dried fruits, possibly over ripened plums, prunes and figs. I also detected a yeasty grain to this ale.

Finish : This ale is fruity with a dry bitter finish.

Rating : 8.0 out of 10

A very good, refreshing ale with a nice bitterness. This ale can be bought directly from the brewery.

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