Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Beer 15 - Daniel Thwaites, Bottled Conditioned Old Dan

After having a couple of Purple Moose Brewery beers tonight I decide to crack open Daniel Thwaites, Old Dan. I have been eyeing this up for the last two months but decided to let it rest in the garage for awhile. This beer is sent courtesy of Thwaites Brewery. It is described as a vibrant copper hue with lovely ‘fruit cake’ flavours. Like fine wine, will age well and mellow over time, with increased fruitiness.

Thwaites Brewery, Bottle Conditioned Old Dan
ABV : 7.4%

Looks : Deep caramel ruby colour with medium carbonation. This beer has a grayish one finger head, which disperses within 30 seconds

Aroma :
This beer is sweet smelling with some dark fruits, possibly plum and figs with perhaps a touch of burnt sugar. There is also a good yeast and malty fragrance to it.

Flavour : The taste definitely has that plumy vibe to it with a hint of sweet raisin. There are notes of diacetyl/butterscotch, caramel, brown sugar, chestnut and faint stewed hops.

Finish : A dry bitterness with undertones of butter, sweet malt and an alcohol kick.

Rating : 9.5 out of 10

This is a great strong ale by Daniel Thwaites and is one I have really enjoyed. I love that long dry bitter taste with bursts of plumy sweetness on the palate. This ale can be bought directly from the brewery or special online beer stores.

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