Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Beer 12 - Badger Ales, Hopping Hare

Evening all, the ale of choice today has come from Badger Ales, Hopping Hare. This beer has come courtesy of the brewery in a beautiful gift set called the “Countryside Sett”

Badger Ale, Hopping Hare
ABV : 4.%

Looks : This ale is light golden in colour with moderate carbonation and a one finger foamy white head which dispersed within a minute

Aroma : Strong buttery aroma with hints of caramel/ butterscotch. There is also a floral and citrus fruit mix going on with a slight white grape sweetness.

Flavour : The taste is fairly hoppy with light citrus notes, possibly grapefriut rounded off with a caramel/butterscotch bitterness. There seems to be that usual biscuit malt taste associated with many Badger Ales.  There is a strange woody/twig earthy note to this beer.

Finish :  Nice long dry bitterness

Rating : 7 out of 10

This ale was quiet refreshing and had that extra dry bitterness, which I like. Badger Ales are well known though out the UK and can be purchased from major supermarkets or directly from the brewery http://www.badgerdirect.com/


  1. The 'new' Hopping Hare is one of my Favourites Badgers, anyone in the NW can't get it - it's sold by Booths.

  2. Its a great beer and really refreshing. Nice and hoppy, to me a classic spring ale

  3. Run away from the clear glass bottle, for there you will find skunking! Pretty decent beer if you can find it unlightstruck.