Saturday, 31 March 2012

Beer 25 - Camerons Brewery, Monkey Stout

Hey all, tonight's ale up for review has to be Camerons Brewery, Monkey Stout. I have had this beer for 5 weeks now and every night i go out to the garage it is just staring me in the face. Well, tonight's the night. This is the first beer i have tried from Camerons Brewery and I'm really looking forward to it. This beer landed in my hands courtesy of "Beers of Europe".

Camerons Brewery, Monkey Stout
ABV 4.4%

Looks: This ale pours black with moderate carbonation with a one finger, tightly packed, bubbled, milky coffee head.

Aroma: This ale smells sweet with a dark chocolate aroma. There is a strong roast malt fragrance. The stout smells very rich, with roasted ground coffee and a hint of liquorish present.

Flavour: Oh my, what a stout. There is a nice mild oaky smokiness which is underpinned by the bitterness of dark chocolate. This ale is not bitter or sweet, its just right. the ale is very smooth but just a tad light.

Finish: This ale finishes with sweet coffee taste with a hint of faint dark chocolate bitterness.

Rating: 8 out of 10

Over all not a bad stout. I like the mild smokiness which is underpinned with a dark chocolate bitterness. I looking forward to reviewing more beers from Camerons Brewery very soon. This ale can be bought direct from the brewery.

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