Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Beer 13 - Robinson's, Old Tom Strong Ale

Hey fellow beer drinkers, today I am going to reviewing Old Tom Strong Ale by Robinson's Brewery. This ale has won numerous awards and has won the world’s best beer. This beer has come to me courtesy of Robison’s Brewery
Robinson’s, Old Tom Strong Ale
ABV : 8.5%

Looks : A really good looking brew, deep cola brown in colour with hints of ruby as it hits the light. Pours with medium carbonation and leaves a two finger, off white head, which disappears slowly

Aroma : At first you can smell  strong caramel malts, which then develops into sweet dark fruits, possibly raisins or really ripened plums. There is also a hint of chocolate.

Flavour : The flavor just explodes in your mouth. There are deep roasted malts with a biscuit and caramel edge to them. Then there is this tart but juicy, plum and raisin sweetness which is under laced with a warming alcohol kick. The sweetness is enriched with brown sugar and a milk chocolate undertone. Very smooth on the palate with medium carbonation

Finish : This strong ale finishes dry on the palate with a brown sugar sweetness, dispersed with busts of fruitiness.  

Rating : 9.0 out of 10

This to me is a very good example of an excellent strong ale. There are plenty of flavours arousing the palate, ending with a warming but gentle alcohol kick. This ale can be bought from various supermarkets or purchased online from the brewery shop


  1. Its a lovely beer. Excellent post pal

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  3. Sorry Kev. That should have read I am relatively new to this blogging.Keep up the good work.I love these craft ales you highlight.

  4. No problem. Thanks for the positive feedback. Please suggest beers you would like me to review and i will see what i can do.