Saturday, 24 March 2012

Beer 19 - Vibrant Forest Brewery, Flying Saucer

Today’s ale is coming from a new brewery in Hampshire called Vibrant Forest Brewery. I am really looking forward to reviewing this ale as i have heard wonderful reports about this breweries commitment to producing unique and excellent ales. This ale come courtesy of Vibrant Forest Brewery.

Vibrant Forest Brewery, Flying Saucer
ABV : 4.3%

Looks : This ale pours with plenty of carbonation with a hazy burnt orange colour. The beer has a frothy, creamy, one finger head.

Aroma : The first smell hitting me has to be sweet caramel. This is then followed by a citrus burst, possibly lemon, grapefruit and orange. There seems to be an aroma of the liqueur Quantro

Flavour : There is a real explosion of flavours developing in my mouth. Firstly you are hit by strong citrus notes such as orange and then there is a bitter lemon tingle on the tongue. This is followed with floral grassy hops, very much daisy like. There is a sharp grapefruit bitterness and yeasty notes arousing the palate.

Finish : The finish is long with a dry grapefruit bitterness with bursting pockets of orange and lemon rolling off the tongue.

Rating : 8.5 out of 10

Now, now, now what a very special and unique beer produced by Kevin and his team at Vibrant Forest Brewery. This ale is very refreshing and has really deep complex flavours going on. Check out this new brewery and their beers.

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