Saturday, 24 March 2012

Beer 20 - Adnams Brewery, American Syle IPA

Over the last few years I have often part-taken in a wide variety of Adnams ales as this to me is a great brewery producing excellent ales. Tonight I am going to review their American Style IPA. I am really looking forward to reviewing this ale as it is causing a storm within the beer reviewing world. Many people saying what an excellent beer produced by a mature brewery.

Adnams Brewery, American Style IPA  
ABV : 6.8%

Looks :This beer pours well with medium carbonation with bubbles rising from bottom of the glass up. The ale is dark golden in colour with very thin grayish white head.

Aroma : This beer offers wonderful citrus aromas especially light grapefruit and lemon. There is a floral presence, possibly orange blossom. Spicy notes are also detected. 

Flavour : This beer is very smooth with grapefruit bitterness and a hint of white grape sweetness arouses the palate. There is a rich spicy  flavour, possibly paprika and coriander. There are toffee malts present but these are very suttle.

Finish : The ale finishes dry with a grapefruit bitterness followed by tingling carbonation on the tongue.

Rating : 8.5 out of 10

This to me is a good example of an American Style IPA. Adnams Brewery have done really well creating an exciting ale with plenty of flavor and a good ABV. This ale can be bought through Adnams online beer store.

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