Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Beer Awards 2013

Well well well, it's that time of year again and I ask myself what where my favourite beers of 2013?,

Here we go

Best Cask Bitter - Truman's - Bold As Brass 4.2%

Best Cask Pale Ale - Kelham Island Brewery, Pale Rider 5.2%

Best Cask Golden Ale - Hopback Brewery - Summer Lightning 5%

Best Cask IPA - Bristol Brewery, Southvile Hop 6.5%

Best Cask Mild - Binghams Brewery - Smiled 3.4%

Best Cask Porter - Hammerpot Brewery, Bottle Wreck Porter 4.7%

Best Cask Stout - Siren Craft, Broken Dream Breakfast Stout 6.7%

Best Cask Imperial Stout - Thrornbridge Brewery - St Petersburg Imperial Stout 7.7%

Best Keg Beer - Lagunitas IPA 6.2%

Best Bottle Bitter - The West Berkshire Brewery, Good Old Boy 4%

Best Bottle Pale Ale - Adnams Brewery, Ghost Ship 4.5%

Best Bottle Golden Ale - Penpont, An Howl 5.6%

Best Bottle IPA - Five Towns Brewery, Bodyline IPA 5.4%

Best Bottled Mild - Thwaites Brewery, Nutty Black 3.9%

Best Bottle Porter - Nils Oscar, Rökporter 5.9%

Best Bottle Stout - Binghams Brewery, Doodle Stout 5%

Best Bottle Imperial Stout - Struise Brewery, Black Albert Batch 0 13%

Best Bottle Barley Wine - Coniston Brewery, Nos 9 Barley Wine 8.5%

Best Lager - Windsor & Eton Brewery, Republika 4.8%

Best Foreign Beer - Hombeer, Viking Chilli Stout 10%

Best Online Beer Retailer - Bier Huis wins this award hands down. Great selection of beer and amazing costumer service.

Best Beer Reviewer online - Ging Real Ale Trail - Stuart Pickard. Always informative and funny when Andrew Pickard joins in.

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